Container Homes Camas

Custom-Built Shipping Container Homes for Camas Residents

Shipping-Container-Homes-Camas-WAAs it is getting more and more expensive to buy a home, people are looking into eco-friendly and affordable ways to build or create a home. Enter the unique and versatile market of shipping container homes in Camas, WA.

Affordable, and easily transportable, once the original purpose of shipping containers comes to an end, they can be easily customized to build shipping container homes for Camas residents. From a compact single container home to a multi-level dwelling, shipping container homes can be created in different shapes and sizes.

Let Tacoma Container Company design and build shipping container homes in Camas unique to your specifications. Our steel shipping container homes in Camas can be used for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchens
  • Media rooms
  • Lounge rooms

Storage Container Homes – Perfect for Off-the-Grid Locations

Storage-Container-Homes-Camas-WAStorage container homes are ideal for off-the-grid locations in Camas. Our storage container homes in Camas:

  • Are affordable, modular and portable
  • Can be modified to suit your specific needs
  • Have ability to withstand extreme weather

Ready to get off-the-grid? We can provide storage container homes in Camas that are just right for you. No matter how big or small your needs, our storage container homes in Camas are ready to make a style statement along with unmatched functionality.


Why Should Camas Residents Choose a Shipping Container House?

Shipping-Container-House-Camas-WAA shipping container house offers many benefits to Camas residents. For starters, it is more environmental friendly to reuse a storage container rather than recycling it. Recycling storage containers is possible, but, the process consumes extensive energy. Transforming storage containers into shipping container homes is a more eco-friendly option.

Secondly, shipping containers are widely available and cheap. And because these shipping containers are already the ideal shape to be repurposed into homes, it is extremely cost-efficient to build a shipping container house in Camas compared to building the same sized home using brick and mortar.

Thirdly, they are stackable. Need an additional room? Buy another shipping container! Storage containers can be stacked to create an apartment block, let alone a shipping container house. Other benefits of a shipping container house in Camas include:

  • Ease and speed of construction
  • Wide range of design possibilities
  • Safe in natural disaster-prone areas

Call Tacoma Container Company on 253-252-5424 to find out more benefits of living in a shipping container house in Camas, or to get more information on our exciting storage container house plans.