Below is a list of questions and answers to help you learn more about our unique product.

Are these units comfortable to live in?

FAQ-Container-For-Sale-Tacoma-WAInterior comfort is enhanced by insulating the walls, roof and undercarriage, but the high ratio of surface area to interior volume means that these structures will cool off and heat up quickly in cold or hot ambient conditions. Often, proper orientation on site can mitigate this; the small size of the units makes it easier to tuck them under trees on your property. Another option is to have us install heating and/or cooling in your unit. Once furnished with a plush sofa and some amenities, it will feel just like any home you have lived in!

Will my new living space be safe from burglary?

Security is enhanced by using steel components, including optional steel-fabric window screens, but no structure is completely impregnable, so carefully investigate the security of your cabin extensively. In transportation use, steel containers enjoy preferential insurance premiums based on a long history of very low loss experience.

What do I need to know about Delivery?

FAQ-Containers-For-Sale-Tacoma-WADelivery to your site is by truck, so road access is critical. Placement on site takes minutes.

What do I need to do to prepare for my delivery?

Site preparation can be as simple as a gravel pad. Check with your county planning department for minimum design criteria.

What will be the resale value of my unit?

Resale value is enhanced by starting with undamaged new containers and by keeping the installation process uncomplicated. All components are accessible, so adding – or removing – custom features is simplified.

Can I become an authorized dealer or franchise of Containers?

FAQ-Containers-For-Rent-Tacoma-WAYes. Containers is seeking manufacturers, developers, builders, and individuals interested in building and living in container based dwellings. We will assist manufacturers in launching a product line based on our retrofitting technique, and we will assist developer/builders seeking to build multiple dwellings. We will also assist individuals seeking to build a dwelling for personal or speculative use. Inquire to discuss your project. If you have more than a casual interest or curiosity about building or producing these dwellings then please Contact Us.